SAGE Oncotest™ Pricing and Invoice Form

Dear Patient,
Thank you for requesting your biopsy to be analyzed by SageMedic Corp (SAGE). The fee of the premium panel of the SAGE Oncotest™ is $4,800 and currently not covered by insurance. Therefore, we have three programs that might either reduce or eliminate your out-of-pocket costs.


Follow-Up Survey

We understand ourselves as a physician and patient advocacy driven company with the mission to help our oncologists and patients so you can make the most informed decision to significantly improve your outcome.
Therefore, after you and your oncologist or other healthcare provider have received the test results, we would like to follow-up to understand which treatment you have received and how it is working for you. We would then use that information for quality control, validation studies, case reports or other research, and any other purposes. If you like to participate, we will provide you with a 25% discount.


Participating in a Pilot Trial with your Healthcare Provider

If your healthcare provider (oncologist or your hospital) has a special arrangement with SAGE for a pilot study to evaluate the utility of the SAGE Oncotest™ and you are willing to participate in our Follow-Up Survey, SAGE is willing to provide the test for you at a 50% discount.


Oncologists and other Physicians

If you are an oncologist, another physician, a nurse, or another healthcare provider, or are an active patient advocate, and you are willing to donate your tumor to SAGE (except for the tissue required for standard diagnostic purposes), and agree to the follow up survey, we will either waive the fee (oncologists or other physicians) or give you a 75% discount on the SAGE Oncotest™ and make a $250 donation to a non-profit organization of your choice. Of course, once submitted, your donated sample and any submitted information, including your health information in accordance with HIPAA, and the results of any analyses, will become property of SAGE and may be used for any purposes, including quality control and research.


Financial Hardship

If your household income is below $28,000 annually, and you are willing to participate in our Follow-Up Survey, SAGE is willing to provide the test for you free of charge.

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2 SageMedic Corp. is a CLIA accredited lab, CLIA ID: 05D2236809, Lab. Director: Gerald Weiss, MD, FCAP
3 HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.