Enabling Tailored Cancer Care For Patients

Cancer Care is Still Hit or Miss

Current diagnostic approaches, including genomic testing, cannot tell with accuracy whether a cancer therapy will be effective.

But There Is Hope

The SAGE Oncotest™ evaluates a curated list of FDA-approved drugs assessing their potential for treating your specific cancer.

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If you are scheduled for surgery


If you are scheduled for surgery and require subsequent treatment, contact us NOW so we can coordinate getting a fresh tumor specimen from your surgery. This will help you receive the most effective treatment options for you.

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If your Treatment Has Stopped Working

If your treatment isn’t working (anymore), contact us! Our SAGE Oncotest™ can tell your oncologist what to avoid so that you can get the promising treatment.options for you.

SAGE Oncotest™

The SAGE Oncotest™ can test a large panel of FDA-approved drugs for a wide range of cancers.

How it works

Types of Cancer

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To learn more by consulting with Dr. Apfel or to have your oncologist schedule your SAGE Oncotest ™, please visit our how to order page or direct questions to care@sagemedic.com

If your treatment has stopped working,
let us help you find the most effective treatment.

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