Enabling Tailored Cancer Care For Patients

Cancer Care is Still Hit or Miss

Current diagnostic approaches, including genomic testing, cannot tell with accuracy whether a cancer therapy will be effective.

But There Is Hope -
SAGE Oncotest™

The SAGE Oncotest™ evaluates a curated list of FDA-approved drugs assessing their potential for treating a wide range specific cancers.

  • Solid tumors such as ovarian cancer, pancreatic cancer, or brain cancer.​
  • Solid tumor of unknown origin.​
  • Blood cancers such as multiple myeloma.​

Getting Started With SAGE Is Easy


Contact us prior to surgery or biopsy and we will coordinate with your physician.


A fresh tissue is taken during surgery or biopsy and shipped to SAGE.​


Receive your SAGE Oncotest™ Report to significantly improve the effectiveness of your treatment.​

When Should You Order The SAGE Oncotest™

Well Before Your Surgery

If surgery is scheduled and subsequent treatment is required, contact us now to coordinate a fresh tumor specimen from your surgery.

If Your Treatment Fails

If treatment isn’t working anymore, contact us today! Our SAGE Oncotest™ can help the oncology team understand what to avoid for more promising treatment options.

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