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I am a California licensed physician, known for my track record in clinical research that has changed perioperative clinical care for patients. However, my sense of accomplishment faded when cancer struck home. First, my mother lost her painful fight to ovarian cancer. And seeing this, my father declined anti-cancer therapy, when he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Only then, I realized that – despite of significant advances in genomic testing – for most cancer patients the most effective treatment is still unknown.

Thus, to find better ways to predict the most effective therapy for a patient, I left the clinical department at UCSF, got an MBA from Wharton, became a life-science impact investor, and started SageMedic. Thanks to the support of many investors and a great team, we’re ready to pursue clinical calibration and validation studies and collaborate with other companies to develop new drugs for cancer patients.

If making a huge difference intrigues you, please reach out to join us as an impact investor, collaborator, scientist, advisor, consultant, or patient advocate, or just to learn more.



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