Cancer Research Scientist

Looking for a Cancer Research Scientist with a Passion to Make a Difference in Oncology

Are you driven to do something meaningful with your career? Beyond just discovering a unique pathway in academia or working on a new drug in an industry that has a low chance of ultimately helping patients? If you ever had a loved one impacted by cancer, you know that we are losing the war on cancer, partly because only a few patients have driver mutations so that cancer treatment is still a hit-or-miss experiment. We are convinced that our platform can overcome these inherent limitations of genome-driven precision medicine and that we will be able to help millions of cancer patients get the most effective therapy while eliminating unnecessary pain and excessive costs. All of us on the team have had loved ones touched by cancer, which is why all of us are fully committed to making this work.

This position is not for everybody. We’re a startup, charting new territory. We all work hard, long, and irregular hours, because we all depend on one another to transform our vision into reality. This won’t be a walk in the park, but if you hear a calling to make a real difference for cancer patients, and you believe to have the talent and skills to contribute, this position could be rewarding like no other. In other words, if you are up for the challenge and can make it work, your main reward will be to collaborate with a brilliant and world-class team, live up to your fullest potential, and work for a higher cause.


Your primary role includes processing patient biopsy samples, creating 3D organoid cell cultures, designing and performing experimental protocols, and thoroughly documenting, analyzing, presenting experiments, and ensuring compliance according to our standard operating procedures. And of course, we would be delighted, if you have experience in microfluidics, confocal imaging, machine learning, or SBIR grant writing, or if you are creative and resourceful to find novel solutions that move all of us forward.


We prefer an advanced degree in molecular biology, biomedical engineering, or a similar field, with several years of cell culture experience, which includes fluorescence staining, microscopy, and image analysis. Ideally, you would also bring additional experiences such as processing primary patient tissue, organoid, and 3D culture research, confocal microscopy, designing or using microfluidic and chip-like devices for cell-based assays, and grant writing.

Most importantly, we are looking for a world-class candidate with significant curiosity and openness, conscientiousness, and reliability, who adds to our high level of “talent density.” We want to be awed by your talent and skillset, and judgment, so that you can join our highly effective, self-organizing team that is fully committed to our mission and vision. Of course, you need to live in the area as our lab is located in the heart of Silicon Valley.

How to Apply

Please write a short but personalized cover letter to Dr. Apfel why you are interested in working with us.
Please also attach a well-structured and formatted resume with your e-mail address, phone number, and
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