Oncology Business Development Executive

Oncology Business Development Executive

SageMedic (SAGE) is dramatically changing the way how physicians can treat cancer patients and give hope to their families. Instead of hoping that a therapy will work for a specific patient and starting a new regimen if it does not work, SAGE makes it possible for physicians to know, in advance, whether a specific traditional and/or targeted cytotoxic therapy will be effective for an individual patient’s tumor.

SAGE also provides a unique opportunity for pharma companies developing cancer therapies, by being able to predict a patient’s tumor response to a targeted therapy much more accurately than traditional genomic approaches. Not only would this be useful for lead compound selection, and thereby significantly increase the chance to select a clinically effective compound. At a later stage, SAGE would also empower pharma companies to demonstrate effectiveness to regulators faster and with fewer patients, speeding time to market for promising life-saving therapies. This business development opportunity allows you to help SageMedic transform the way that
new cancer treatments are developed – and the way that existing cancer treatments are marketed, prescribed, and reimbursed. It allows you to show pharma customers how they can deliver personalized medicine in a way that we’ve all dreamed of doing, but have never before had the tools to make it possible.

Your roles would be to meet with strategic marketing directors, therapeutic area VPs, program leaders, and clinical research directors of those pharma companies to show them how SageMedic’s cancer drug screening platform can increase drug development efficacy, lowering costs, accelerate time-to-market and dramatically improve FDA success. You’ll show them how SageMedic equips caregivers to identify the most effective treatment for the millions
of cancer patients where genomic testing fails. If you’re a leader with a proven track record bringing game-changing breakthroughs to potential customers and driving adoption, this is an opportunity to transform the industry and save patients and families the heartbreak, despair, and uncertainty that have been part and parcel of a cancer diagnosis.

Roles and Responsibilities

You will be reporting directly to the CEO and work as part of a cross-functional team to refine the go-to-market strategy, and pricing, and develop supporting materials to approach pharmaceutical companies. Goal is to build up a strong and solid channel partner strategy and to develop materials for channel partners to use when they present SAGE to their customers. And you’ll test those materials in pilot meetings you arrange with prospective
pharma customers and channel partners.

As the direct sales strategy, marketing materials, and channel partner strategy get solidified, SAGE will rely on you to…

  • Identify viable customers and shepherd explorations from initial expressions of interest to proposal development to create collaborations and deals.
  • Build an initial pipeline of several seriously interested pharmaceutical companies within 3 months. Close at least 2 pharmaceutical collaborations within 6 months.
  • Within 6 months, close at least 3 channel-partner collaborations with potential drug development firms, contract research organizations, or scientific equipment suppliers who bring SageMedic’s solutions to their key customers.
  • Achieve revenue objectives expected from pharma collaborations and channel partner collaborations.
  • Build a following of potential collaborators and champions and maintain a CRM so the company can leverage and build on that.

Qualifications to Achieve Results

  • At least 5 years of oncology business development experience that has led to successful deals selling innovative technologies or drug development methodologies to pharmaceutical corporations.
  • Proven experience as a key member of a multi-disciplinary multi-company multi-location project team driving the adoption of new R&D technologies and paradigms, working with a mix of in-person, Zoom/video conferences, and collaboration tools.
  • Advanced degree in a scientific field that shows an aptitude to understand SAGE’s proprietary technology, development research, and potential uses of SAGE’s solutions to accelerate and optimize oncology R&D.
  • Proven track record of developing new business, leading the internal deal process (from outreach, diligence, negotiation of term sheet through definitive agreement), and executing/closing a variety of business agreements.
  • Proven ability to cultivate strong business relationships and liaise with industry partners.
  • Rolodex of relationships within the drug development industry – for a running start at building
    a biz-dev pipeline.

How to Apply

Please write a short but personalized cover letter to Dr. Apfel why you are interested in working with us. Please also attach a well-structured and formatted resume with your e-mail address, phone number, and your LinkedIn profile to info@sagemedic.com.

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