SAGE Oncotest™ - Better Cancer Therapy Selection In 10 Days

The SAGE Oncotest™ is a revolutionary assay empowering oncologists and patients in finding the most effective treatment for cancer therapy by evaluating tumor resistance to over 20 drugs.

Providing Hope By Enabling Tailored Cancer Care For Patients

Current diagnostic approaches, including genomic testing, cannot tell with accuracy whether a cancer therapy will be effective.

The SAGE Oncotest™ evaluates a curated list of FDA-approved drugs assessing their potential effectiveness for treating your specific cancer. Patients can receive results within 7-10 days.

The SAGE Oncotest™ Approach

Step 1.

Upon receiving patients primary live cancer tissue sample we create live 3D microtumors within a day…

Step 2.

We ensure that the 3D tumors retain the microenvironment and heterogeneity of the sample…

Step 3.

Following, we conduct testing of multiple drugs using our proprietary technologies…

Step 4.

With those results we identify the most effective therapy in just one week.

Get Started Today
With The SAGE Oncotest™

1.   Well Before Your Surgery

If you or your patient are scheduled for surgery and require subsequent treatment, contact us now to coordinate a fresh tumor specimen from your surgery.

2.   If Your Treatment Fails

If treatment isn’t working anymore, contact us today! Our SAGE Oncotest™ can help the oncology team understand what to avoid for more promising treatment options.

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The SageMedic Vision

Our vision is to revolutionize cancer care, setting tailored therapy as the gold standard, instilling hope, and elevating the quality of life for every patient.

We achieve this mission by empowering oncologist decision-making for improved patient outcomes through the use of functional tumor profiling.

Let Us Help You Find The Most Effective Cancer Treatment

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