SAGE Oncotest™ Specimen Form For the Biopsy Providing Physician

Shipping Instructions

1. Coordinate specimen shipment with Rajesh Niti, PhD. He can be reached at (650) 646-5650 and

2. Arrange for same day pickup by FedEx and overnight shipment (FedEx Account#: 978808719) to the Redwood City address in the letter head. If specimen are retrieved on Friday, please sent overnight deliveries to FedEx Office at 274 Redwood Shores Pkwy, Redwood City, CA 94065.

3. Important: Do not place the tissue in formalin as it would kill the cells for testing.

4. Place the patient’s tumor specimen into a sterile 50-mL tube with transport media, label the tube with the patient’s name and date of birth, and place the tube into two zip lock bags.

5. Place the content into a transport container. The container could be

  • a. A Styrofoam box with 2 ice packs from a -20°C freezer or
  • b. A NanoCool container with an activate cooling mechanism (see below).
NanoCool Shipping Box Activation

1. Container can be stored at room temperature and doesn’t require ice packs.

2. NanoCool logo should appear and turn blue within 30 seconds.

3. Put Ziplock bag with tumor tissue tube into the container.

4. Place the cooling engine back in the box with the foil side facing up.

5. Close the box and tape it shut; it is ready for shipment.

1. Open box, remove cooling engine and place silver foil side down on a flat surface. Push straight down on the activation button.

2. Notice the NanoCool logo turning blue between 30 seconds and 3 minutes indicating cooling has begun. Confirm by touching the surface of the cooling engine near the activation button.

Thank You

We appreciate your cooperation. Once the shipment container has been picked up by FedEx, please notify Rajesh Niti, PhD, at and by phone of the impending shipment of the specimen at (650) 646-5650.

Thank you again for your contribution to help a cancer patient!

SageMedic Corp. is a California registered laboratory - CLIA ID: 05D2236809
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